Docker, no space left on device

Docker, no space left on device

I’ve been using docker a lot, both for work projects and personal projects, and some of the images used are quite big (almost 2GB).

Because of this I’ve been getting a lot the error:

"… no space left on device".

This space is not related to your hard disk space, but to the disk space allocated to the docker-machine VM, which by default is 20GB, (and can be confirmed by opening VirtualBox choose default VM, click on settings, storage, disk.vmdk and looking at the properties on the right side on Virtual Size)and that is not good enough.

I found an easy way to do it, but without using Kitematic (Beta), mainly because does not allow you to specify any kind of parameters of configurations. So we have to go the better way… Terminal. First we need to destroy our current docker “environment”, by running:

This will destroy any existing images.

docker-machine rm -f default

then… we just run:

docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-disk-size "80000" default

This process will take a while and it will assign 80GB to our docker-machine vm, and hopefully make everything a bit better. Of course you can specific any size you want, but don’t overdue it.

In the end run:

docker-machine env default


eval $(docker-machine env default)

And your ready to rock n’ code.